Baby Namings

Welcoming a child into your family should be delightful and celebratory! It is meaningful to mark the occasion, in the midst of this momentous life transition. Take time to officially bring your child into your family by singing, eating, and embracing your child within Judaism. We will create a meaningful ceremony together that joins tradition with creative interpretations that make sense for your family.

Other Life Events

A core part of my rabbinate includes being with people during their most vulnerable life moments. It is my honor to officiate at funerals, lead shiva minyans, visit the sick, and create rituals around loss, death, and illness.

Creative rituals consciously mark moments in your life. Graduations, retirements, divorce, new relationships and more can be deepened by purposeful acknowledgement. Jewish ritual can enrich any of these junctures. If you would like to read more about the power of ritual, read this. I welcome you to reach out so that together we can recognize your sacred occasion.